The Short Version

  • STEEL RESOLVE is a metal CD/digital music store for independent US metal bands, geared toward discovery of other underground metal bands.

Features for Customers

  • Ever-growing catalog of underground metal at affordable prices.
  • Support underground metal.
  • Stream entire albums free before buying.
  • Most digital albums available as FLAC as well as 320k MP3s.
  • Secure SSL checkout – your information is safe.
  • Checkout through PayPal.
  • Find other independent metal based on your tastes.
  • Steel Resolve CDs are high quality professionally-made CD-Rs with full color art, inserts, tray cards in shrinkwrapped jewel cases.

Services for Bands

  • CD/DVD manufacturing! We take care of having CDs made and sending them to customers so you can spend more time playing music!
    • For bands on Steel Resolve, we create professionally made shrinkwrapped CD-Rs with a full color 2-panel insert, full color CD art, and full color tray card using the art and music you provide.
    • Free UPC barcodes available as well.
  • Have CDs already? We will forward CD orders to you along with shipping payments to fulfill orders!
  • FLAC and MP3 encoding and hosting.
  • Cross-promotion with similar bands – get new fans.
  • Nonexclusivity – you keep all rights to your music and you can make & sell your own CDs/MP3s separately from Steel Resolve.


  • After vetting bands, Steel Resolve receives the master files and creates FLAC and MP3 files to host and sell directly through the site.
  • CD manufacturing can be a significant financial investment unrealizable by many independent bands, so Steel Resolve can make the CDs for you!
  • For CDs created by Steel Resolve, we work with third party vendors to offer the cheapest possible option for physical CDs, which are created once an order is received. All Steel Resolve-created CDs have the same packaging layout, keeping costs low and prices even.
  • For CDs with existing stock managed by the bands, orders are automatically forwarded to the proper band for fulfillment. Customers have access to download the music in the meantime.
  • Steel Resolve keeps 10% of every transaction. The band receives the other 90% (plus shipping payments if applicable) via PayPal.

Sign My Band Up!

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