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Steel Resolve Services For Bands

  • FLAC and MP3 encoding and hosting for digital sales on
  • CD/DVD manufacturing! We take care of having CDs made and sending them to customers so you can spend more time playing music!
    • For bands on Steel Resolve, we can create professionally made shrinkwrapped CD-Rs with a full color 2-panel insert, full color CD art, and full color tray card using the art and music you provide.
    • Free UPC barcodes available as well.
  • Have CDs already? We will forward CD orders to you along with shipping payments to fulfill orders!
  • Cross-promotion with similar bands – get new fans.
  • Nonexclusivity – you keep all rights to your music and you can make & sell your own CDs/MP3s separately from Steel Resolve.

After you submit your band’s release to Steel Resolve, we check to make sure the recording is of a decent quality and that it is a good fit for the site. If the release is approved, Steel Resolve will add your release to the site. Steel Resolve keeps 10% of all sales/payments of the release (plus CD manufacturing and shipping costs if we make your CD) and we forward the rest on to you. For more details, read the Steel Resolve Terms & Conditions. Steel Resolve will also show your release to customers interested in similar bands on product pages and checkout.

Step 1: Submit your band.

Step 2: After approval, check your e-mail for upload directions.

Step 3: Get back to playing music.