BURNING SHADOWS – The Last One to Fall EP


“Live in studio” EP featuring two new tracks & two reimagined old tracks. CD version includes a MANOWAR cover!

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After the triumph of Gather, Darkness! in 2012, it was decided that we must improve the recording hardware at The Halls of Glory in preparation for the third full-length album in order to fully capture the power of our newest songs. In January 2013, the studio was upgraded and it was the time to stress test the new setup. We, of course, went all out and recorded 18 tracks “live” in the studio. Our setup was modified for the purposes of the recording: amp simulators were used for the guitars, Tom was trapped in the vocal chamber, and bass, solos, harmonies, and additional vocals were added after the initial tracking was complete. This process took quite a while with all the goings on in the meantime: shows, festivals, a minitour, the departure of bassist Chris Dagenhart, the return of Aaron El-Zeftawy, and finally, the tracking of the third full length album. We decided to release some of the best tracks from our recording session to replace our now sold-out Oathbreaker EP. We included two new tracks, “The Last One to Fall” and “Southwind,” a medley of “A Thousand Lies” from Gather, Darkness!, one of our favorite songs from the debut Into the Primordial “New Dawn Arise” and a cover of a song by the Kings of Metal: Manowar (CD version only)! Enjoy this EP while we continue to forge our next album! Keep it true! Keep it Metal!

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