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Independent power metal band BURNING SHADOWS from Savage, Maryland, USA returns with their third full length release, Truth in Legend, a new collection of tales of history, fantasy, and mythology, recounted through a blend of US- and European-style power metal. Truth in Legend is a must for fans of ICED EARTH, JAG PANZER, BLIND GUARDIAN and other power metal giants.

Among the stories told on Truth in Legend are “Day of Darkness,” kicking off the record with an account of the disbandment and executions of the Knights Templar in 1307, followed by “Southwind,” a tale of the conquest of the southern seas. “The Last One to Fall” recounts the legend of Heimdall, guardian of Asgård, who is the last of the gods to be defeated during Ragnarok. The title track, “Truth in Legend,” takes the listener through a harrowing quest inspired by the game Skyrim. Closing out the CD is the 13-minute epic “Deathstone Rider,” a fantastical journey through the realms traversed by a fearless warrior sworn to seek out and annihilate the enemy wherever he hides among the nine worlds.

Musically, BURNING SHADOWS presents a widely varying sonic landscape, with a heart of thrash/power metal. From the PRIMAL FEAR-style composition of “Sworn to Victory,” to the straightforward, classic riffing of “Southwind” and “The Last One of Fall,” to the ICED EARTH-inspired gallops and leads of “Truth in Legend,” fans of power and traditional metal shall not be disappointed. The acoustic guitars in “Day of Darkness,” the complex intertwining guitars in “From the Stars,” the textured interludes of “Truth in Legend,” the album’s dynamic ballad “The Blessed,” and the orchestra and choirs of “Deathstone Rider” add depth and richness to the album beyond the standard metal fare.

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